Living an entrepreneurial lifestyle essentially means I’m always on the go, and working 7 days a week, around 16 hours per day average. To keep me sane and balanced, I also love and need to move. I work out an average of 2-3 times a day, rotating around a yoga class + spin class + training session at least once per day. So naturally, I need fuel, and the good kind.

Convenience is also something that’s very important, and more often than not I can forget to even eat because I’m so on the go. Given my autoimmune disease, needing to eat regularly is incredibly important. If I don’t take proper care of myself, eat regularly and the right things, my immune system can become incredibly sensitive and I can get wiped out by the smallest bug.

Getting the right protein (let alone the right amount) into my diet can be hard. I’m allergic to all meat proteins aside from shellfish. I’m big on shrimp and prawns, and have to rely on a lot of vegan supplements to subsidize getting the proper amount of nutrients and vitamins. Getting myself on a proper meal plan has been something on my (ever growing) “To Do” list, but creating the time to research, recipe plan, and meal prep has been challenging.

 I have insecurities around my dietary needs because it can make meal planning complicated (I’m still trying to figure it out for myself and have yet to have a full week of clean proper eating without a reaction of some kind), and going out with friends to eat is essentially a minefield where I’m casually trying to play down my restrictions and can feel like end up being “that girl” at the table to orders one meal and then butchers it with requests. The convenience of having someone who represents Vital Supply contact me directly after hearing about my dietary restrictions (while being allergic to meat protein, I’m also allergic to a lot of others such as onion, gluten, certain types of beans, and more. It makes me a high maintenance client.) was immediately reassuring. When going over my list of “can’t eat”, I was greeted with not only acceptance around my diet, but enthusiasm and excitement around how they could get creative with the challenge, customizing a Reset that worked best for me with their kitchen. This immediately allowed me to feel comfortable with setting myself up, as well as being properly taken care of by a team that showed authentic care about providing me with the best possible service.

From the beginning, Vital Supply made it very seamless for me. I’d get text messages letting me know that my food delivery would be arriving at a certain time that day, and when I’d come down to the front door to receive them, I was met with one of the actual owners of the company – a very pleasant friendly man named Dan who immediately was excited to share with me the details about the meals I was getting (I chose to stay blind until delivery, so each delivery was like a surprise bag filled with Sara friendly treats.)

When opening each bag, I was immediately impressed with the quality of the meals – the ingredients looked not only fresh, but incredibly appetizing. They looked (and as I quickly found out- tasted) restaurant quality. I’d always become visually hungry when unpacking the Reset goodie bag, and would crack one of the dinner meals open right away because it just looked so damn good! The details that they put into each meal made eating convenient, the sticker on each individual boxes with the name, ingredients and heating instructions written right on the top for me to follow (each one being short and sweet). They only took around 5 mins each to heat and they were then ready to eat. And boy, did I eat. This program directly suited the needs I had, everything from needing to eat clean and proper – to the convenience of suiting my busy lifestyle. The quality of the food was not only notably fresh, but every meal and snack I cracked open was delicious and I was never disappointed by my options.

I ate great, and was fueled great for my lifestyle – both as an athlete and an entrepreneur.

Now, the real question stands: can I sign up for a lifelong plan?

Check out Vital Supply here, and the 3 different reset options available: 5 Day, 7 Day, and 14 Day.

You’ll thank me later.

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