// Written by Jeremy Vaughan

Onto my second day at Wanderlust Whistler, I headed into a class led by MC Yogi with the musical blessings of DJ Drez (If you haven’t heard his music, look him up, you can thank me later). I walked into the room remembering their class from last year being one filled with laughter, dance and incredible stories. I wasn’t originally going to be partaking in this class as I wanted to hang out and do some writing but a good friend convinced me to attend and I am thankful I listened. It started out with the few hundred attendees gathering around the stage where MC Yogi’s wife took us through an incredibly deep story about a Demon who had every power available to him, creating a state of greed, arrogance, power seeking and hurt for which he rained down on the earth, while only being able to be taken down by a woman which he scuffled at that he could never be taken down. As the story went on, he was eventually taken down by a divine goddess. There are many ways to have taken the story that was told, how I took it is that we are put into two different situations each day, one where we can live in a state of greed, arrogance, and seeking revenge for anything done for us creating an environment of wanting to hurt others. The other is one where we have forgiveness, compassion, and true happiness. Often when we seek to change something in our lives, or when we look to start something new we feel great up until the time of actual change when the fear creeps in, that is when you are at the bridge, a bridge that defines your change or your new venture, which are usually met with a creeping sense of fear. That fear is caused by the demons that are the gate keepers at the bridge crossing, they create the sense that we don’t need the change or that we won’t be successful in the new venture. When we give them power we tend to see that run our lives gripped with fear around change, new beginnings, or any environment that isn’t familiar to us.


Finding the power to let that go and begin to no longer fear going through those gates, that is where you begin to relinquish control over your own life. There is no reason to give fear power, it is a sense we create ourselves, so to give it power over our own lives sounds silly. This story brought light to that for me, I give power to something I create in my mind that stops me from being my true authentic self and pursuing what I want to be? It sounds ridiculous!! However it happens on a daily basis, we create stories from our past experiences to which we form new ones about what will happen to us in the future and similar situations that haven’t even happened yet. Stop giving power to such a negative thought pattern in your own mind, you have the power to give control to whichever side of that life you want. It is only you that is able to create that happiness and fullness in your life that allows you to keep walking past those gates and into that happiness. So instead of becoming a human doing, become a human being, one of true presence of who you truly are in each daily venture you get into.  

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