// Written by Jeremy Vaughan


My intentions coming into this year’s Wanderlust festival up in Whistler was to be fully present in every moment I was able to while away from my busy daily everyday life. As I packed up my car for the weekend I was so full of excitement, happiness and relief that this weekend was upon me. As I drove away from Vancouver on a sunny Thursday evening, my excitement quickly dissipated as my car broke down on the side of the highway, leaving me stranded, waiting for a tow truck for two hours, alone with my thoughts and emotions. I would have used to get super upset, and angry that this happened to me but I can’t quite explain why, but I was actually in a good mood while my car was broken down, I knew this wasn’t going to ruin my weekend away, it was just a bump in the road to get there. The next morning, I boarded a Epic Rides bus from Vancouver up to Whistler, getting me into the village at 10am, leaving me 90 minutes to get to my hotel, drop my things and get up to the top of Whistler mountain for my first class of the festival, called “Sweat your Intentions” with Eoin Finn of Blissology. Heading into my first class at Wanderlust 2016 on top of a freaking mountain, how surreal is that. This was my first time taking a class by Eoin Finn and absolutely loved it, he brought up the fact that we never are intentional with our tension in our bodies, we are always under tension during our daily lives because we often find ourselves stressed by adult life. That resonated with me on a pretty deep level, I have found myself always under tension but for the wrong reasons. All of which trickle back to being in a life filled with constant stress thinking of what I have to do next, what I need to get done, and thinking about why I couldn’t get the things in the past done. All the while I never set out intentions for my emotions.


When we are under tension, we tend to forget who we are or what we stand for because we are so focused on getting rid of the tension. It’s pretty simple really, we put ourselves in situations that cause us tension and we seek situations to get ourselves out in a repetitive cycle. What if we didn’t put ourselves into situations we know stress us out, or find solutions on how we can minimize that? I feel that we tend to not be on the right “station” if you will about our intentions we have in our daily lives, what do we want to accomplish for the day? Is it finding happiness or is it finding a certain amount of money? Finding happiness isn’t really hard to do, it comes in many forms for everyone and is free. Finding money however puts us into tension immediately thinking about how we are going to create it, seek it out and bring it in. When we can seek out to find what makes us the happiest then we become in tune with our proper station our mind, body, and soul are in need of. Getting rid of that unwanted tension in my life coming into this weekend has done wonders for me already, getting back to my true intentions with what I want in my life has made me already 10 times happier since being up here for the Wanderlust Festival. Sometimes it takes us to step away from that which causes us tension in life to truly see that those are the reasons that cause us stress in our lives.


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